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Comic  Artwork

Here's a few pages from a variety of comic strips that I have had the pleasure to illustrate. Please click on an image below to enlarge. Enjoy!

Too Much Sex and Violence

Issue Six. Written by Rol Hirst

Zenith Savage

As seen in Drokk! Issue 1 Written by Chris Denton

Money Never Weeps

As seen in The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel

Flesh! Future Shock!

As seen in Zarjaz Issue 16 Written by Andrew Cheverton

Ex Libris

As seen in FutureQuake Issue 17  Written by Eoghan Ahern

Pagan Blood

As seen in Massacre For Boys Action Special  Written by Chris Denton

Thirty Kroner Kincaid 

As seen in Massacre For Boys: Picture Library  Written by Chris Denton

Zenith Invasion

As seen in Zarjaz Issue 17  Written by Chris Denton


As seen in FutureQuake Issue 16  Written by Russell Norris

Larger Than Life

As seen in Dr WTF?!

Thank You... Ron

As seen in Thank You... Ron

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