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Lost & Found


‘Lost and Found’ is an attempt to extend my attention to the not-so-conventionally beautiful, and hopefully bring some kind of beauty and wonder to these ‘so-called’ mundane items. My studies are quite simply drawings of ordinary objects, but my intention is for the subjects to become symbolic metaphors, which are very much open to interpretation and the meanings of which are within the viewers own mind. What originally appears to be a simple item soon becomes very complex. For the exhibition, I have framed all of the images with frames that were either found in skips, thrown out with the rubbish or bought from charity shops, in keeping with the theme of the project. The main aspect from the studies is to encourage the viewer to see the everyday world with fresh eyes and to champion the discarded, the broken, the ordinary and the unnoticed.

A 40 page Limited edition Zine which features all of the studies plus a few extras is now available. The publication also features a foreword written by Aidan Hehir and an afterword by Zara carpenter. The Lost and Found zine is now available at £5 + £1 p&p UK, please
contact me for more details.

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