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ME: Scenes from The Medway Towns

During October 2016, I decided to both explore and celebrate my local area. Each day for the entirety of that month, I sketched a location from the place where I was born and still live: Gillingham and The Medway Towns. As the backdrop to my life, all of the places I have drawn evoke an emotional response and have significance for me; as such they were drawn 'on sight' to capture this and to reflect my connection with each particular place of interest. You may ask "Why is the project titled 'ME'?" ME is the postcode for The Medway Towns... It also stands for 'ME' as a person.


The project caught the eye of the local media as well as the BBC. Shortly afterwards the whole collection was exhibited in it's entirety at the The Nucleus Arts gallery in Chatham. The exhibition proved to be highly successful, attracting large amounts of visitors, both local and far away.


Some of the original pieces are still available to buy as well as limited edition postcards, prints and signed copies of the ME book which compiles all of the images together. For all enquires please don't hesitate to contact me.

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